Every vote counts for Exit Festival on European Festival Awards

Every vote counts for Exit Festival on European Festival Awards

Hello My lovelies, 

I would like to share with you some great information not because is my favorite city and state of beauty involved, its just because Exit Festival is The Best Festival in the Europe. 

EXIT has been nominated this year for the Best Major European Festival award, its seventh time in a row at the European Festival Awards the most influential European festival award ceremony.


There’s also a new kid around – Sea Dance Festival, EXIT’s Adriatic counterpart, nominated in two categories: Best New Festival as well as Best Medium – Sized Festival, so now the entire EXIT Adventure is officially competing for the grand festival prizes!

Tune in for the voting and help EXIT defend its title, and help Sea Dance Festival shine bright in the European festival sky! There’s something pretty sweet in it for you, too – vote and get a chance to win tickets for some of the best European festivals!

If you’d like for EXIT to defend its title as the Best Major European Festival, you can join the good fight and vote here. Here’s how: at the drop down menu choose EXIT Festival in the “Best Major Festival” category.

You can vote for Sea Dance Festival while you’re there, too. At the drop down menu pick Sea Dance Festival for Best Medium – Sized Festival and Best New Festival

 Fill out your info for a chance to win 2 VIP tickets for all winner festivals!

Voting ends on 27th October 2014 , with the winners proclaimed at the festival awards ceremony at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Groningen, Holland, on 14th January, 2015. Every vote counts, so it might just be you, in tandem with the EFA jury – made up of journalists, booking agents and festival organisers, who end up tipping the odds in our favor!

EXIT won the Best Major European Festival in 2013 award in January 2014 at the ”European Festival Awards” with over 620.000 votes from all around the world, all the while competing with over 300 festivals from over 34 countries.

The EXIT Adventure 2014 will be remembered as the record breaking edition of the best European festival. Over 260.000 visitors marched through the EXIT, Rock@EXIT, and Sea Dance festivals, making heartwarming memories at every step of the way. The EXIT Adventure’s numerous adventurers spent eight incredible days at the best parties be they on mud or sand, sun or rain, at the Petrovaradin Fortress or Jaz beach, in rubber boots or summer sandals, in raincoats or swimsuits…

EXIT Adventure was marked by the performers’ reactions as well, much like the first EXIT. Everyone was delighted by the awesome atmosphere, fun, and the audience’s great vibes. Some even stayed longer than expected, abruptly changing their schedules and shifting other plans – just so they can stay a couple more days to dance at stages, and experience the festivals insane energy. They also weren’t shy about talking about it!

Skrillex, who was so smitten with EXIT, decided to extend his stay for two full days, and told his euphoric crowd: “EXIT is the best festival in Europe!” Damon Albarn was visibly ecstatic, having come down among the audience and letting his fans hug and carry him. After his performance he wandered around the fortress, taking pictures with his fans, and he added: “If I knew it was going to be this good, I would’ve come with Blur sooner!” Theo Hutchcraft from Hurts after a truly emotional performance said on Twitter: “Exit Festival, that really was something special. Hvala (thank you) Serbia for a weekend to remember!” The stars of Dance Arena, Deep Dish, after a huge successful set told their fans: Wow @ExitFestival was EPIC We love you!” Tiga, an old friend of the festival shared: “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

The time for EXIT to defend its title, as well as for Sea Dance to shine is NOW! Help us make history by voting for EXIT and Sea Dance!


Chic New Years Day in Novi Sad


Happy New Year 2014 to all my lovelies!!!


It is so great to be back home especially in a festive season.

It is adorable when the weather is treating you with 15 Celsius Degrees on the last day in 2013, and it is a great feeling when you are returning from the sandpit who just won Expo 2020 but I have to admit that City of Novi Sad has presented its plan of the candidature for the European Capital of Culture 2020.

Is that mean that we can now look forward to 2020 in a both cities?

But there is something special in a town called state of Exit Festival, Novi Sad town of beautiful people who celebrates every weekend like New Years Eve with a top make – up wearing high hills and other fashion details from the early morning.













Especially I got amazed how morning of New Years Eve looks so special and unique in Novi Sad, people simple celebrate in the morning with Rakija drink Wooowwo, clubs and bars are already full and you can check the atmosphere on my youtube channel http: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRZvXKyqb7Y

 I was faithfull to Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Rocco Barroco Denim jeans

Jacket design by Spomenka Grujic – my mum


Have you visited Novi Sad?!?

The art of thinking clearly


Hello my lovelies, 

As maybe many of you did not know that I was working on the Abercrombie&Fitch project lately, recruiting hot and sexy people not only for the first store opening in Dubai but in the entire Middle East, task was not easy especially when we talk about hot and sexy in the Middle East.

But for sure now you will ask what that has to do with a book “The art of thinking clearly” written by Rolf Dobelli?

photo (33)

–          How many times have you invested in something that when you recall it back wasn’t worth it enough? 

  I have to admit  on so many lost friendships 😦

–          How many times have you continued doing something you knew was bad for you? – Oh yes, i can’t count it!!!

photo (34)

So having plenty of time to read and enjoy the most beautiful winter season  in my life I would recommend the international bestseller ” The art of thinking clearly” – written by Rolf Dobelli author of “The Black Swan“.

This book is highlighting important decisions which we usually make in our life daily routine.

Book is highlighting simple errors we all make in our day – to -day thinking. But by knowing what they are and how to spot them, we can avoid them and make better choices – whether dealing with a personal problem or a business negotiation, trying to save money or make money, working out what we do or don’t want in a life!!!

Book is explaining that if you are seeking for a partner, you never go out in the company of your supermodel friends- Imagine why?

My favorite part of the book is stating the examples why attractive people also have it easier in their professional lives explaining that effect can even be detected in the schools, where teachers unconsciously give good – looking students better marks. 

photo (35)

photo (37)

photo (36)

Here, I come back to my profession of recruiting for Abercrombie&Fitch – Did i give the job opportunity to the better looking person?!?

But, at the end the chapter my lovelies I question you – would you broaden your fit level?  Would you move an ass for better achievements? Would you increase self-confidence for better personal or professional life?

How do I stay fit?


Hello my lovelies, 

Since I have been asked constantly from the readers or my surroundings a kind of questions: Do you train a lot?

 Do you go to gym every day? How do you stay fit? Or How can I have the same abs? 

I have decided to share some secrets of my life routine with you!!!



I can answer to everyone that I make time to exercise 3 times per week and I don’t exercise every day, I have never used any kind of diet.

ja i bane

So my secret would be honesty to myself – I don’t cheat when go shopping. Just don’t buy it!!!

I choose smartly  what will end up in my grocery basket.


I would have nothing in the house rather than have a Coca – Cola, cream Nutella, salt or sugar. I replace sugar with stevia, nutella with black chocolate and salt with sea salt.

” To eat intelligently is an art and love”


If I see Coca Cola, I usually see this photo so would never buy it.

soljaIf I think MCdonalds, I see young generation growing like this, so will never even think of it. 

coca cola

And my final would be – Invest in a blender to stay fit!!!


ja fit

“If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.”
– Carl Lewis

Stay Chic and Fit my lovelies!!!!XXXX

Chic of the week: Shades of red lipstick




Hello my lovelies, I am getting so exited  because holiday season is approaching, and I can feel inflowing mood of happiness everywhere!!!

As winter is not so bright and shiny season of the year and usually can set your unhappy mood up, I was looking for some addition to that and red lipstick came to my daily outfit along with warm furs.

My mood went a bit further towards exploring red lipstick in bright shades, dark types and other tones. I was always thinking that red lipstick in daily casual outfit can add an extra touch to the outfit in any season of the year and can be amazing solution.

Red lipstick did brilliant work on my lips!!!

Do you fancy red shades on your lips?






Stay Chic XXX!!!

Winter Time


 Dubai got me spoiled so going back into the cold weather is not always easy.


 I constantly believed “under 0 degrees”, you can’t look fashionable, but UGG booties explained this oppositely.




Everyone using UGG booties was perceived being unfashionable or lacking self-consciousness about appearance, although in my vision that wasn’t the case.


 I am still feeling comfy, warm and luxurious yet with a captivating finish. What is your opinion?


Fly with Emirates Airlines as a VIP


Only if I can do things simultaneously, it can be a pleasure and work.

Couple of day’s back I was travelling to Beirut for work, and I had an opportunity to be treated as a VIP passenger, flattering isn’t it?!

photo (12)

Since Dubai has 18,000 Cabin Crew, I knew that on my flight will be some of my Serbians and here we go, @Tajche82 was there and treated me importantly with champagne and remarkable service.

photo (13)

Emirates is famous for enjoying the beauty of their employees hence next to their stunning faces you could see a badge which is supporting Dubai Expo 2020. Are you also bidding  for Dubai?

photo (11)